Veteran Resource Center


The Veteran Resource Center is committed to ensuring that every veteran and military-connected student is able to successfully meet their goals by supporting them in their development through an individualized approach.

As part of a comprehensive set of services that facilitate a supportive transition from military life to a liberal arts college environment, the VRC provides veterans with a dedicated space to socialize, study, and network.

The VRC is able to help veterans prepare for admission to Whittier College, apply for financial aid and GI Bill® benefits, and secure funding through sources like the Yellow Ribbon Program or scholarships. 

Whittier College  and the Veteran Resource Center are not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. For questions regarding payments, please call 888.442.4551.

Ahmanson Veteran Fellowship

Unique to Whittier College, the Ahmanson Veteran Fellowship (AVF) gives student veterans the opportunity to engage in a substantial undergraduate research project with a faculty mentor for a semester, academic year, or summer term. Each fellow receives a stipend to pursue a research topic that will continue through the year. The AVF provides undergraduate student veterans with research experience that will augment their resume and prepare for a career in any field. 

Campus Resources  

Student Veteran Child Care Support Program 

Understanding that student veterans often carry parenting responsibilities, the Ahmanson Veteran Childcare Support program provides financial assistance to help cover childcare costs.

Sign up to receive up to a $500 grant towards veteran childcare support.

Student Veteran Emergency Fund

Unforeseen expenses sometimes arise during the academic year. In order to minimize the negative impact these expenses may have on a student's schoolwork, Whittier manages a student veteran emergency fund. 

For information on any of the programs listed on this page, contact the Veteran Resource Center.

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GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).