Campus to Beyond

What hangout will you discover?

Just a few blocks from the College, Uptown Whittier boasts 64 cafes and restaurants, a movie theater, 17 clothing stores, a farmer’s market, and dozens more shops for students to explore and enjoy.

Uptown Whittier

In the Heart of Southern California

Between bustling Los Angeles and beautiful Orange County. Southern California is a collage of counties and cities, each with its own personality and rich history, that are home to many of the nation’s and the world’s leading cultural and industry influencers. Hollywood’s production studios, Anaheim’s theme parks, and the South Bay’s aerospace industry are all a short drive from Whittier College.

Southern California

Your imagination deserves space to thrive

We recognize the importance of having dedicated maker spaces for students to create. Whether you're throwing in the ceramics studio of the Wardman Gym Art Studios or you a printing custom robot designs in our MakerBot Replicator z18, we offer a space to grow and explore in almost every discipline studied at Whittier.

Creative Spaces