Student Policies & Procedures


The Whittier community is founded on the principles of respect, inclusion, integrity, concern for the individual, and social responsibility.

It is a privilege to live and study as part of this community committed to the founding values of the Quakers and it is a responsibility to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. 

The effectiveness of the Student Code of Conduct depends on individual acceptance of personal responsibility and cooperation among all members of the campus community. In operation, this results in mutual respect for and commitment to the values and mission of the College.

As members of this community, Whittier College students and student organizations will 

  • act in a manner that reflects maturity and social responsibility with regards to health, wellness, and safety.
  • act in a manner that reflects honesty and personal responsibility.
  • act responsibly and respectfully towards the person and property of others.
  • conduct themselves in accordance with all College, local, state, and federal laws, policies, and procedures while on or off campus.

By agreeing to be a member of the Whittier community, students and student organizations are expected to adhere to the behavioral and community standards outlined in this document and to all other policies and procedures of the College. 

Guidelines & Policies