Southern California


The best part of going to school in Southern California is that it doesn't even feel like school. 

That's because Whittier students (and professors) take full advantage of the region's incomparable geography, culture, and industry, and use it as an extended classroom. 

Southern California, a region of the Golden State that spans from the Tehachapi Mountains on the north to the international border on the south, offers an incomparable array of recreation, entertainment, educational, and professional opportunities. And Whittier College exists right at the heart of it - between bustling Los Angeles and beautiful Orange County.

Southern California is a collage of counties and cities, each with its own personality and rich history, that are home to many of the nation’s and the world’s leading cultural and industry influencers. Hollywood’s production studios, Anaheim’s theme parks, and the South Bay’s aerospace industry are all a short drive from Whittier College.