Housing & Dining


Housing at Whittier is your home away from home.

As a residential community, we believe you receive the ultimate Whittier experience when you live on campus throughout your first three years as a college student. You’ll find your pursuit of knowledge enhanced, and range of cultural and social opportunities expanded. You will learn more about yourself and others than ever imagined.

The vast majority of our student population lives in our eight residence halls. Our residential community is as strong as it is vibrant, comprised of scholars, athletes, artists, performers, volunteers, and leaders, hailing from both this country and abroad. Chances are, you’ll be moving in too – and calling these people "family."

Each of our residence halls has an individual architectural style and interior décor. A few are homes to themed-living communities, where students with a common interest share a floor and plan activities together. Others are set aside for upperclassman or first- and second-year students.

When you do finally make the move to Whittier, be sure to bring your appetite. Perk up with an espresso or fresh-fruit smoothie at our campus landmark eatery, The Spot, offering a coffee-shop menu that features freshly grilled foods, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and daily specials. Or, feast in all-you-care-to-eat style at the campus’ main cafeteria, the Campus Inn – or "CI" – which offers a variety of foods served from different stations, as well as delicious house baked pastries and desserts.

Here’s your feel good bonus: at Whittier, we support sustainability and prepare our meals with only seasonal and regional ingredients from local farmers and artisans.

Of course, you can also venture off campus. The City of Whittier is home to many cultures, which means you have a buffet of restaurants and cuisines waiting to satisfy your appetite – all within walking distance.