Whittier College's academic calendar is comprised of two semesters (fall and spring) and one interterm in January, known as JanTerm. 


Fall 2021

August 22-23 Fall Orientation
August 24 Fall Instruction Begins
August 31 Last day to add a class
September 6 Labor Day (College closed) 
September 13 Last day to drop a class
September 14 Begin WD period
September 28 End CR/NC option
October 5 Last day to drop a class with a "W"
October 20 Last day to withdraw from the College
October 29 Summer Incompletes due
November 1-12 Advising period for Spring 2022
November 15-18 Spring Registration
November 22-23 No instruction
November 24-26 Thanksgiving Break (College closed)
December 3 End of Fall Instruction
December 6-9 Finals
December 15 Grades due
December 10 - January 4 Winter Break

JanTerm 2022

January 5 JanTerm Instruction Begins
January 6 End Add
January 10 End Drop
January 11 End CR/NC option
January 11 Begin WD period
January 14 End WD from Class and College
January 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (College closed) 
January 26 End Instruction

Spring 2022

January 27-28 Spring Orientation
January 31 Spring Instruction Begins
February 7 End Instructor Drop
February 8 End Add
February 11 Jan Term Grades Due
February 18 End Drop
February 19 Begin WD period
February 25 End CR/NC option
March 9 End WD from Class
March 21 - 25 Spring Break (no instruction)
March 22 Fall Incompletes due
March 28 Jan Term Incompletes due
March 31 Cesar Chavez Day (College closed)
April 6 End WD
April 18-29 Advising
May 2 Fall registration begins
May 13 End Spring Instruction
May 16-19 Finals
May 20 - 27 No instruction
May 24 Commencement
May 27 Spring Grades Due
May 30 Memorial Day (College closed) 

Summer 2022

May 31 Beginning of Summer FT & S1 and May term, also last day to add or drop for session One
June 1 Last day to WD from session 1
June 13 GR Session Begin Instruction, also last day to add or drop for GR session
June 14 Last day to WD from GR session
June 30 S1 End Instruction
July 1 S1 Finals
July 4 Independence Day
July 5 S2 Begin Instruction, also last day to add or drop for S2
July 6 Last day to WD from S2
July 8 S1 Grades Due
July 22 GR Session End Instruction
July 25 GR Grades Due
Aug 4 S2 & FT End Instruction
Aug 5 S2 & FT Finals
August 12 S2 & FT Grades Due

Fall 2022

August 22-23 Fall Orientation
August 24  First day of Fall Instruction
August 30 Last day of instructor drop
August 31 Last day to add
September 5 Labor Day (no instruction)
September 13 Last day to drop
September 20 Last day to apply for CR/NC
October 5 Last day to drop with a “W”
October 28 Summer Incomplete grades due
October 31-November 11 Academic Advising
November 14 Spring registration begins
November 21-25 Fall/Thanksgiving Break (no instruction)
December 7 Last day of Fall Instruction
December 8 Reading Day No Instruction
December 9-12 Finals
December 13 January 10 Winter Break
December 16 Fall grades due

Spring 2023

January 11 First day of Spring Instruction
January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no instruction)
January 17 Last day of instructor drop
January 18 Last day to add
January 20 Fall incomplete grades due
January 25 Last day to drop
February 1 Last day to apply for CR/NC
February 16 Last day to drop with a “W”
March 6-10 Spring Break (no instruction)
March 31 Cesar Chavez Day (No instruction)
April 24 Last day of Spring Instruction
April 26-29 Finals
May 2 Commencement 
May 5 Spring Grades due

Summer 2023 

May 8 First day of May term and Summer Session 1. Last day to drop without a W.
May 29 Memorial Day (no instruction)\
May 30 First day of Graduate Summer Session
June 2 End of May Term 
June 13 Spring Incomplete grades due
June 15 End of Summer Session 1
June 16 Summer Session 1 finals
June 19 Juneteenth (no instruction)
June 20 First day of Summer Session 2. Last day to drop without a W.
June 23 Summer Session 1 grades due
June 20 Last day to drop with a W
July 4 Independence day (no instruction)
July 7 End of Graduate Summer Session
July 31 End of Summer Session 2
August 1 Summer Session 2 finals
August 8 Summer Session 2 grades due