Office of Student Engagement


A student's time at Whittier is perfect for exploring interests and causes outside their comfort zone and to give way to new experiences.

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) helps students maximize their Whittier experience through organizations, experiences, and programming.


Students wishing to take on a leadership position can do so within student government or a student club or organization. OSE offers a number of development courses and workshops to help students identify and develop leadership skills while at Whittier. 


With 50 student clubs and organizations on campus, everyone is sure to find their niche. From diversity based clubs, academic based clubs, hobby and recreation clubs to media and publication groups to Societies (comparable to fraternities and sororities), there’s definitely many options for involvement. If you're passionate about something that's not already represented, you're able to start a club of your own. 

Additionally, Whittier students are encouraged to be a part of something bigger and take part in community service. They can join the American Red Cross, help at a local food drive, or mobilize the community to register to vote. The Office of Student Engagement can link students to many service opportunities, one-time or short term, on campus or off.  


Fun and friends are part of a Whittier College experience. Join the Office of Student Engagement and the campus community for a variety of events (including Spirit Week, excursions into Los Angeles, Program Board events, and movie nights). Students can immerse themselves in any of the campus activities hosted each month by OSE and Whittier's student organizations.  

OSE helps students execute their extra-curricular plans. From securing an event space, to creating marketing materials for an event, to finding an artist or vendor to bring to campus, OSE can assist student leaders.