Admission Representatives


Your Admission Representative will work with you throughout the admission process, reading your application, advocating you to the Admission Committee, and addressing your questions and concerns.

Admission Reps are assigned based on your school's region. The best way to get in touch with your personal Admission Representative is via email. If you're not sure who to reach out to, scroll the bottom of this page and fill out the short form. 

Kiya Bodendorf

Kiya Bodendorf

Admission Counselor




Teresa Compean

Graduate Admission Counselor

Teresa is your admission representative if you are interested in applying to Whittier's Credential or Master's Programs.

Genevieve Garcia

Genevieve Garcia '11

Transfer Admission Counselor

Genevieve is your admission representative if you are a current community college or 4-year-college student wishing to transfer to Whittier.


Eunice Gonzalez

Eunice Gonzalez

Associate Director of Admission



Charlie Newman

Charlie Newman '18

Admission Counselor




Shim Shimaz

Shim Shimaz

Director of International Admission & Services

Shim is your admission representative if you are an international student.


Admission Support Staff


Sean Gomez

Sean Gomez

Enrollment Operations Manager



Adrianna Prejna

Adrianna Prejna '07

Enrollment Communications Manager



Not sure who to contact?

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