Residence Halls


Whittier College is a residential community where approximately half of students live in one of five residence halls that grace the campus.

Some large and some small, each hall has an individual architectural style and interior décor, and each year develops a personality unique to its inhabitants. Residence halls are staffed by full-time Area Directors (ADs) and undergraduate Resident Advisors (RAs), who provide students with continuous support, assistance, and program opportunities for learning and development.

Theme Communities

A few of our residence halls are homes to themed communities. A theme community is an environment where students with similar interests live together in a dedicated area of a residence hall and participate in programs that echo similar academic, social, and personal interests.

General Housing

Each hall contains common lounge areas, with cable television, fireplaces, internet access, and basic cooking facilities. Additionally, each residence hall is conveniently located close to campus resources such as the Counseling Center, Graham Athletics Center, and Wardman Library.

Completed in August 1966, Ball Hall has a mid-century design and central location. It serves as a co-educational hall that houses 90 students.

Built in 1989, Harris Hall is a co-educational residence hall that offers a panoramic view of Greater Los Angeles. It consists of four buildings and hosts three theme communities.

Harris was funded by a gift from college trustee William V. Harris Jr '55 and his wife, Harriet, and Harris Brothers, Ltd.

Johnson is the closest hall to Wardman Library, other academic buildings, and is directly attached to Dezember Alumni House. Johnson houses approximately 90 students in triple occupancy rooms. 

Built in 1955, Johnson Hall was originally a residence hall for women (significant renovations were completed in 2007). It was named for Clifford and Susan Johnson, whose gifts made the building possible. Susan was one of the first women on the faculty, teaching science and math and Clifford was on the board of trustees for 45 years. 

The most modern residence hall at Whittier, Turner is located atop the upper campus and offers students access to panoramic views of Greater Los Angeles. Turner Hall houses approximately 180 returning students.

Built in 1962, Stauffer Hall originally served as a women's residence hall. Today, Stauffer serves as a co-educational living space for 210 students.