Meal Plan Exemption Policy


Students who live on campus are expected to purchase a student meal plan but may qualify for an exemption.

To request a meal exemption, the student must submit a Meal Plan Exemption Form with documentation from a physician diagnosing a medical condition and a specific diet along with lab testing results used for diagnosis. In the event of food intolerance/allergies, the medical provider must state specifically which food(s) the student cannot consume and what the allergic reaction(s) are.

Student Accessibility Services and Student Health & Wellness Center will review the meal plan exemption and medical information. If it is determined that Food Services cannot provide meals that will conform to the medical needs, an exemption will be approved. Exemptions are made for the current academic year only. Refunds are based on the last day the meal plan is used.

Please note:

  • A medical meal exemption will not be given based solely on the fact that a student is a vegetarian or that food service does not meet a student’s personal food preferences.
  • Students will continue to be charged for meals until a medical exemption is granted in writing.
  • A written statement from a doctor does not guarantee that the student will receive a meal plan exemption.
  • The health care provider must be a MD, DO, or ND (letters from chiropractors and herbalists are not accepted). 
  • Because medical conditions can change, students must reapply for a medical exemption each year to be considered for release from the College's meal plan.
  • The final request date for requesting a meal plan exemption is June 15 for Fall semester and January 5 for Spring semester. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For students with certain dietary restrictions, please contact Marcus McGee at or 562.464.4557.