Commonly Assigned Accommodations


Student Accessibility Services approves and arranges for reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities so that they may have an equitable college experience.

Approved accommodations are specific to each student. As such, accommodations are determined via an interactive process between Student Accessibility Services (SAS), the student, and a review of submitted documentation. 

Below is a list of commonly offered accommodations to students at Whittier College: 

Testing Accommodations

  • Extended time on exams, typically time-and-a-half (50% extra)
  • Use of a computer or assistive technology
  • Reduced-distraction testing environment

Classroom Accommodations

  • Note-taker
  • Printed material in electronic or alternate format (E-text or audiobook)
  • Ability to record lectures
  • The use of a computer for notetaking during class
  • Ability to take short breaks during class

Other Accommodations

  • Housing
  • Structural access to facilities
  • Priority registration