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Religious Studies Bulletin Board

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Why Study Religion?

The website gives a few ideas about graduate programs, teaching posts, various religious professions, as well as a number of other fields in which a religious studies graduate's skills are highly desirable.

Religious Studies Research Guide 

We have gathered data on local religious institutions in and around the College. Through this endeavor, we want:

  1. To have a good, student-friendly database for fieldwork sites as we continue to focus on the immediate community as our learning environment;
  2. To make our data available to civic and community groups; and
  3. To help inform students and interested others of the immense religious diversity in the area.

These maps have been made by interns in the Department of Religious Studies over the past several years. 

To toggle the map layers for each, please click the arrow or square box icon in the upper left corner of each map. 

Professional Organizations

The American Academy of Religion is the primary professional organization of professors and scholars in religious studies.

The Catholic Theological Society of America is the largest professional organization for Catholic theologians and scholars of religion in the U.S. It fosters theological education and promotes interdisciplinary inquiry related to theology, science, and society.

The North American Association for the Study of Religion encourages the study of historical, comparative, structural, theoretical, and cognitive approaches to religion among North American scholars, and it stimulates communication between them and their international colleagues.

The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest scholarly, international organization in biblical studies.

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