Clubs & Organizations


Modern Languages offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and organizations that promote academic and professional growth, and, more importantly, connect students to peers who want to have fun and build upon their passions.

Recognized student clubs and organizations affiliated with Modern Languages & Literatures are listed below:

French Club

The French Club celebrates the French language, as well as francophone cultures, cinema, and cuisine. You do not need to speak French to participate. For more information about the French Club or upcoming events, contact Patrick Horton, club president, at

La Table Française

La Table Française is a social gathering open to all speakers of French. Led by native and near-native French speakers, members are encouraged to express themselves and given opportunities to be immersed in a French environment. For more information about La Table Française, please contact Professor Marie-Magdeleine Chirol at

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club promotes its mission by celebrating the culture and traditions of various Spanish-speaking countries in both Europe and Latin America. During meetings, the club shares information about the highlighted country's music, traditions, flag, and of course, cuisine. For more information about the Spanish Club, please email