Housing & Residential Life


The Housing Form for Fall 2024 will be open from February 26 to March 22 for returning students. 

Residence hall move-in is tentatively scheduled for August 19-22, 2024.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, students are required to live on campus unless they meet the exemption requirements for off-campus housing. Students who require an exemption due to financial reasons may fill out the financial hardship form.

The priority housing deadline for new students has not been determined. The priority housing deadline for returning students is March 22. All applications received after the deadline will be placed on a housing waitlist. Housing assignments will be sent to students’ Poet email accounts between April 29 and April 30.

To request housing accommodations or medically-related housing and meal plan exemptions please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Please do not send any medical documentation or emails to the Housing office, all accommodation approvals are through SAS. The SAS priority deadline is March 16.

Students who do not meet the off-campus requirements, or the financial hardship criteria, and are not requesting medical accommodations but wish to petition the residency policy to live off-campus may contact the Director of Housing & Residential Life, Joseph Melendez at jmelendez@whittier.edu.

Tentative timeline for lottery numbers and Housing Selection Dates (all status ranges are based on current credits completed and internally defined ranges)

  • March 20: Deadline to submit accommodation request to SAS
  • March 22: Priority housing selection deadline
  • April 5: SAS Room Placement - manually placed by SAS and Housing Office
  • April 9: Students emailed their timeslot/lottery number (non-themed communities)
  • April 9: Themed Selection Placement - manually placed by the Housing Office
  • April 16: Senior/Junior status (>74 credits) Selection Date
  • April 17: Rising Juniors status (44-73 credits) Selection Date
  • April 18: Rising Sophomores status (< 44 credits) Selection Date
  • April 19–21: Make-up weekend (open to all students for last-minute selections)
  • April 22: (or later) Students who do not have an approved exception, and are required to participate in housing, will be charged a double room rate with a 10-meal plan
  • April 29–30: Housing assignments will be sent to students’ poet email account

Please contact Housing & Residential Life via email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  We will do our best to return voicemails but we highly encourage students to email rather than call.