Clubs & Organizations


The Social Work Program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and organizations that promote academic and professional growth, and, more importantly, connect students to peers who want to have fun and build upon their passions.

Recognized student clubs and organizations affiliated with the Social Work Program are listed below:

Social Work Council

The Social Work Council was founded in 1993 by students interested in social work. The Council is a student-run organization, which seeks to promote social work as a profession and social justice awareness throughout the Whittier College community. The Council is headed by a chairperson (or co-chairs) whose primary responsibilities include the overall direction and conduct of the meetings and the coordination of activities and programs. Other officers include Treasurer, Historian, Secretary, Publicity and Interclub Representative, and are selected by students each semester. Decisions, as in many administrative bodies at Whittier College, are made by consensus.

Council members are usually social work majors, but students of all majors with an interest in social work and social issues are encouraged to participate. Because the Council believes in the seriousness of commitment from its active members, it is important for each member to fulfill his/her duties: attend meetings, propose, initiate, complete at least one program (per academic year); and participate in all fund-raising activities and events that the Social Work Council sponsors. Commitment, integrity, and participation are qualities which make the Social Work Council an effective paraprofessional organization on campus.

The Social Work Council is an issue-oriented organization, which advocates for the advancement of social & economic justice, social health, social programs, and the social work profession in the Whittier College community and the general public. Members of the Council are highly involved in a variety of other issue-oriented organizations on-campus and utilize social work's knowledge of systems, politics, and socioeconomic issues to contribute to these organizations.

For more information about the council, please contact faculty advisor Stacey Lawson at

Phi Alpha National Honor Society (Theta Theta Chapter)

Students with outstanding academic achievement in the major are eligible to apply for membership in Phi Alpha, the national honor society for Social Work majors. Student members plan the call for membership and induction each spring semester.

Social Work Alumni Organization

The Social Work Alumni Organization provides support to the Social Work Program in many ways. The Social Work Alumni participate in the Social Work Advisory Board, provide input in the hiring of social work faculty, and serve as mentors to students.

To learn more, please call the Social Work Program at 562.907.4290