Program Review


Program Review 

Program Review is a collaborative, faculty-driven process that combines multiple years of program assessment of student learning outcomes as well as a comprehensive overview of the program’s recent history and future plans. It is used to guide program improvement on a regular, ongoing basis by using evidence of student learning to make better, informed decisions around various elements of the program. The process, which depending on the program can occur every 3, 5, or 7 years, allows programs to engage in systematic reflection, assessment, and evidence-based planning with an eye towards continuous improvement. Ultimately this serves students and the Whittier College community by helping to ensure the meaning, quality, and integrity of Whittier College degrees. 

Program Review Handbook

The Program Review Handbook provides an overview of the review process and procedures. The Handbook, which was created by the Assessment Committee, assists programs in preparing for and completing a program review cycle. 

Template and Forms

The Assessment Committee has created Templates and Forms to help programs complete their annual reports and self-studies. Programs are welcome to download these templates to use for their program review submissions though it is not required.


The Program Review Schedule serves as a guide to know when your program’s next self-study is due.


Self-studies should be completed by early fall semester with external review visits scheduled for spring. Upon receiving the external reviewer’s report, the program prepares an action and assessment plan comprised of a to-do list and provisional assessment plan for at least five years. Annual assessment reports are due in all years except that of your self-study. More detailed information can be found in the Program Review Due Dates and Timeline.


In the fall following the submission of the Action and Assessment plan, the program will receive official word from the Assessment Committee and the Dean of Faculty about the length of the next program review cycle (3, 5, or 7 years). Five years is a typical cycle for most programs.

A typical 5-year program review cycle consists of four years of annual assessment plus one year dedicated to self-study, external review, and planning for the next cycle. Departments may choose to incorporate the final year of their annual assessment into their self-study. However, each year of their annual assessment will need to be represented in the report.