Minor in Education


The Department of Education & Child Development offers a minor in Education.

The content on this page is for informational purposes only. Official degree requirements can be found in the Whittier College Catalog.

A master’s degree is also offered in teaching. Visit the Graduate Program in Education page for more information.

For the Minor in Education

A minor in education requires 21 credits, including CHDV 105 or PSY 344, EDUC 101 or EDUC 300.


  • CHDV 105 Introduction to Child Development
  • PSYC 344 Psychology of Adolescence
  • EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching
  • EDUC 300 Sociological & Historical Perspectives on Education

Additional Courses

The remaining credits can be fulfilled by taking any EDUC course. Courses that can be repeated for credit (e.g., EDUC 010, EDUC 067, etc.) may only be counted once for the minor.

One additional 200-level course (up to 3 credits) may count towards the education minor, pending advisor approval.