Child Development Major, Minor and Permit Requirements


The Department of Education & Child Development offers a major and minor in Child Development, and course work for the Child Development Permit issued by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

The content on this page is for informational purposes only. Official degree requirements can be found in the Whittier College Catalog.

Requirements for a Major in Child Development

Completion of all disciplinary core and extra-departmental requirements, for a total of at least 31 - 32 credits.

Core Courses:

CHDV 105: Introduction to Child Development

CHDV 225: Research Methods in Child Development       

CHDV 305: Literature Review       

CHDV 487/8: Child Development Practicum (487 designated for early childhood placement for CHDV permit)           

CHDV 497: Senior Seminar in Child Development


Additional Requirements:

CHDV 2xx: Two Topical Electives - two additional 3 unit courses offered at 200 level in child development (or EDUC 300 or approved study abroad course related to children)       

CHDV 3xx: Two Advanced Electives - two additional 3 unit courses offered at 300 level in child development with considerable theoretical content and depth (or EDUC 406)

PSYC 214: Statistics (or MATH 80)

Requirements for a Minor in Child Development

No specified classes, instead take 18 units or more in Child Development (must have CHDV designation)

Child Development Permit courses offered at Whittier

CHDV 105: Introduction to Child Development 3 credits

CHDV 210: Early Childhood Education 3 credits

CHDV 211: Child, Family & Community 3 credits

CHDV 487: Early Childhood Practicum (with supervised fieldwork ages early childhood)

CHDV 290/390: Designated applicable to early childhood (to replace CHDV 315 content)


The State of California requires these courses for Master Teacher or Site Supervisor Permit to be considered highly qualified to teach young children. They do not need to be taken at Whittier College and supervised fieldwork can also be done other places. 


To Apply for a Child Development Permit:

After you graduate with a B.A., Complete the following: 

(1) Application 41-4

(2) Fingerprint Clearance

(3) Obtain Transcripts 

(4) Pay Fee

Find more information on the application process here