Africana & Black Studies


Africana/Black Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on the experiences, cultures, arts, and histories of people of Africa and the African diaspora all over the world.

Through engagement with the minor, students experience the diversity, creativity, and complexity of people of African descent globally. The minor introduces students to social science and humanities scholarship, arts, and literature from several distinct disciplines. Students can augment their studies in any discipline through the completion of the minor in Africana/Black Studies. 

Requirements for the Minor

The information below is for illustrative purposes only. Official course requirements are listed in the College Catalog.

Core courses (9 credits). At least one course from each of the three content areas below.


  • ENG 373 The African American Literary Tradition (3 credits)

Social Science

  • CHDV 212 Development of the Black Child (3 credits)
  • EDUC 245 African American Education (3 credits)


  • HIST 344 Black Atlantic (3 credits)
  • HIST 214 Freedom Struggles: From the Civil War to Black Lives Matter (3 credits)

Electives. At least nine credits from the list of courses below.

  • HIST 206 United States to 1865 (3 credits)
  • HIST 230 Intro to African History (3 credits)
  • HIST 300 Early America and its Borderland (3 credits)
  • HIST 390 Cuban Revolution Online Shows: Gender, and Sexuality in China’s Long 20th Century (3 credits)
  • PHIL 390 Africana Philosophy Online Shows: Latin X Philosophy (3 credits)
  • FREN 177/477 Franco-African Cinema and Literature (3 credits)
  • MUS 074 Music of Latin America MUS 075 Music of Africa (and Diaspora) (3 credits)
  • MUS 102 History of Jazz (3 credits)
  • MUS 103 American Popular Music (3 credits)
  • REL 290 Black & Womanist Theology (3 credits)
  • SOC 300 Intersections: Race, Class, Gender (3 credits)
  • SOC 354 Political Sociology (3 credits)
  • SOC 386 Racial and Ethnic Relations (3 credits)