Scholarship Funds


Whittier College is committed to eliminating cost and affordability as barriers to obtaining a college education.

As part of an institution-wide effort to reduce out-of-pocket cost and alleviate student debt, Whittier College has created new scholarship funds that promote student success while addressing the unique circumstances facing Whittier students.

All student recipients are selected by the Office of Financial Aid and award amounts are based on fund availability.

Merit-based scholarship funds

The Whittier Fund - Scholarships

A merit scholarship awarded to incoming students who have demonstrated the highest level of academic achievement, as well as to those displaying talent in the performing arts (music, theater, visual arts.) All students who complete an admission application are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships which are awarded at the time of admission to Whittier College. Merit awards are renewable each year for the duration of a student's time at Whittier.

Global Poet Scholarship (GPS)

Whittier College awards a $2,000 scholarship to every student who wishes to study abroad through the Office of International Programs. With the choice to enroll in a traditional semester-long study abroad program or a short-term faculty-led travel course, approximately 40% of Whittier's undergraduates are expanding their academic journey beyond Whittier and the United States.

Student Loan Relief Scholarship

Whittier College seniors who have achieved at least a 3.70 GPA in the fall semester are eligible to receive a Student Loan Relief Scholarship. Applied directly to a student's account to reduce their senior year federal student loan debt amount, the scholarship awards a minimum of $500.

Need-based scholarship funds

Poet Forward Scholarship

The Poet Forward Scholarship reduces the amount of unmet need for returning students and makes retention at Whittier possible without additional loans.

Poet Educator Scholarship

Created to support aspiring educators enrolled in the College's highly-respected teaching credential or Master of Arts in Education program, the Poet Educator Scholarship reduces out-of-pocket costs. For decades, the program has prepared teachers and administrators to meet the diverse learning, cultural, and linguistic needs of K-12 students in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and the State of California.

Naming Opportunities

Whittier College invites supporters of equitable higher education access to consider launching a named scholarship fund in honor of a personal passion, a lived experience, or an individual. Current use scholarship funds can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000. Endowed scholarship funds can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000. To start a conversation about a named scholarship fund, email us at or call 562.907.4219.