Discover Skills and Interest


Discovering and building a marketable path towards your career goals should be intentional and strategic.

Assessing your career values, competencies, and skills now will help you define achievable career goals that fit your lifestyle, personality, and natural talents.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is an easy-to-grasp personality assessment that helps you identify your preferences: where you focus your attention, how you take in information, the method in which you make decisions, and how you orient yourself to the world. This online assessment provides in-depth information for you to utilize within your professional and personal life.  

Career Values and Motivated Skills Card Assessments

The Knowdell Career Assessment instruments provide opportunities for you to explore your career values and competencies and to recognize your motivated skills.  

  • Career Values Card Sort – is an overview of your career values and allows you to prioritize these values while enabling strategies and techniques to implement them into your career. 
  • Motivated Skills Card Sort Assessment – is a comprehensive and efficient tool that identifies your skills in relation to your career competencies and satisfaction. You are able to identify skill areas of proficiency as well as areas of growth and opportunity.  

To take any of these assessments, please schedule an appointment with your career counselor utilizing our scheduling tool.