About the Advancing STEM Academic Program (ASAP)


Awarded in October 2015 by the Title V-HSI Grant, the Advancing STEM Academic Program (ASAP) aims to increase the capacity for STEM learning and research at Whittier College.

Key elements of our Implementation Strategy include an innovative adaptation of a proven internship program for students, focusing on internships in traditional STEM disciplines and pre-health, dedicated advising, and a course designed to help equip students to succeed in STEM. Equipment and supplies needed to provide up-to-date learning and research environments are also provided by the grant as the lack of good equipment keeps talented student researchers from reaching their full potential. The equipment factors into the complete and total renovation of the SLC which re-opened in September 2016. All combined, these elements will strengthen Whittier’s support for students and increase the success of students who are underrepresented in STEM, particularly those who are Hispanic, low-income, and/or first generation.

Measures for success of the proposed strategies include increases in retention, persistence and increased four and six-year graduation rates for students in STEM disciplines.