Majors & Minors in Theatre & Communication Arts


Requirements for the Major in Theatre & Communication Arts

To complete the major in Theatre & Communication Arts, a student must complete a total of 31-34 credits, which include the following:

Department Core Requirements for all majors (25-28 credits):

Theatre Practicum, THEA 50, 1 credit per year of residence.
Introduction to Acting, THEA 110, 3 credits
Introduction to Design and Technology, THEA 240, 3 credits
Play Analysis & Criticism, THEA 272, 3 credits
Shakespeare, THEA 328, 3 credits
Scenic Design, THEA 340, or
Stage Lighting, THEA 345, or
Costume Design, THEA 347, 3 credits
World Theatre, THEA 372 (A and B), 6 credits
Senior Project, THEA 485, 3 credits

Additional Requirements:

Theatre Arts—Performance Emphasis, 6 credits:
Fundamentals of Stage Directing, THEA 315, 3 credits
Voice and Movement I, THEA 220, or
Voice and Movement II, THEA 225, or
Scene & Monologue Study, THEA 210, or
Performing Non-Fiction, THEA 392, 3 credits.


Theatre Arts—Design/Technology Emphasis, 6 credits:
Two additional courses from:
Drawing and Drafting for the Theatre, THEA 245;
Painting for the Theatre, THEA 246;
Scenic Design, THEA 340;
Stage Lighting, THEA 345;
Costume Design, THEA 347

Requirements for the Minor in Theatre & Communication Arts

A minor requires 20 credits, including THEA 50, 2 credits; THEA 110, 3 credits; THEA 240, 3 credits; THEA 272, 3 credits; and nine credits in courses numbered 300 and above.

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies

Film Studies at Whittier College is an interdisciplinary minor, emphasizing the analysis of film as an artistic form and a key media component in the multiple expressions of contemporary life. More information on the minor can be found on the Film Studies web page.