Department of Theatre, Film, and Communication Arts


Why theatre?

Studying theatre at Whittier College has proven to be one the best decisions of my life.

Beginning college can be an intimidating transition. I was certainly nervous about moving away from home, but the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts has provided me with a strong sense community and support. The friendships I have formed with students and the connections I have made with professors have all enhanced my college experience. The support network is incredible; they have all helped me see Whittier College as a home.

Whether in the classroom, on stage, or behind the scenes, theatre promotes collaboration and teamwork. Getting to work with students and faculty of diverse backgrounds and experiences has encouraged me to experience new cultural perspectives and to examine complex issues in new ways.

Theatre is a truly a comprehensive discipline, which challenges us to use our minds and bodies in creative ways, to work with others to create something wholly new and unique.

Our discoveries go beyond the stage. Many of us are double majoring; we are sociologists, historians, chemists, writers, and more. These interdisciplinary ties inform our interactions and expose us to new ideas and ways of thinking.

The connections we form as theatre majors go beyond the classroom as well, requiring us to pull from and share our experiences with others. I know that this has helped me become an effective communicator, a better student, and grow as an individual.

- Gunner Joachim
Theatre major