Office of International Programs


For decades, Whittier College has sponsored study abroad opportunities and placed qualified students in locations all over the globe and is a national leader in diversity abroad.

Our goal is to increase students' access to the global community through hallmark programs such as the Global Poet Scholarship (GPS), which provides students with $2000 to study abroad starting in their Sophomore year. Similarly, we welcome new international students to the college every year and support the global exchange of culture, community and knowledge.

To achieve its mission, the Office of International Programs supports

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Faculty Led Courses Abroad
  • Language Immersion
  • Preparation for life in areas such as international relations, Peace Corps and more
  • Unique Academic Endeavors
  • Semester Abroad
  • International Student Support
  • Passport Photos
  • Study Abroad Alumni Events and Networking
  • Faculty Support for Course Development