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The following are courses that have been offered or are usually offered by the Latino Studies minor. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog

SPAN 100. Introduction to U.S. Latino Studies
Comparison of linguistic, historical and cultural backgrounds of various Latino communities in the U.S. through fiction, non- fiction, music, and other forms of popular culture.

ART 382. Art of Colonial Spanish America
Examines the art produced within the interaction of different ethnic groups under Spanish & Portuguese rule in Southwestern United States, Central America and South America. Recommended prerequisite: Art 206.

PHIL 375. Rights of Migration
The world is increasingly global, both economically and culturally, yet politically it is still structured by nation-states. How can we recognize and respect the human rights of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers “beyond the nation-state”?

SOC 260. Social Movements
An historical and comparative study of popular movements in the U.S. and internationally. We will examine how and why popular movements emerge; what sustains them; what constitutes a successful social movement; and why social movements fail. We will also pay close attention to the relationship between social movement goals and their actual effects on the larger society.

HIST 347. Modern Mexico
The history of modern Mexico from the 1880s to the 1990s. Topical focus on revolution, state formation, modernization, identity, immigration and cultural formations and practices. Prerequisite: 101, 246, or instructor permission.