Environmental Science


For students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of environmental processes and functions, the Environmental Science Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to examining environmental issues and to identifying solutions. 

The Environmental Science Program guides students in understanding the implications of global climate change, the development of sustainable energy strategies, the challenges of maintaining biodiversity, the issues of micro and nanoplastic pollution, and the impact of large-scale natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, and fires on environmental processes. 

The program takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining natural and physical science with sociological, ethical, political, and historical approaches to environmental analysis. We offer our students a curriculum based on a balance between the in-depth knowledge needed to tackle difficult environmental problems and the breadth necessary to view those problems from multiple perspectives. 

Hands-on activities, faculty-led research opportunities, internships and fellowships are integrated to offer students a comprehensive set of tools to explore the environment and on which to base their career choices. 


Environmental Science Program
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