Cinzia Fissore

Roy E. and Marie G. Campbell Distinguished Chair in Biology
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Science & Learning Center 342

Academic History

B.S., University of Torino
Ph.D., Michigan Technological University

Academic Interests

  • Soil science 
  • Biogeochemistry 
  • Earth science


Professor Cinzia Fissore comes to Whittier College as an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science after having been a Research Associate at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Soil, Water and Climate, where she investigated the biogeochemical cycling of macro elements across ecosystems. Her research interests are the common grounds between soil, plant, and the atmosphere. Fissore is an active scientist and researcher in the fields of soil science, biogeochemistry and earth science.

To Fissore, teaching is a learning experience where she learns from her students to effectively communicate science, review basic concepts and expand ideas. Her teaching style includes effective learning materials and frequent review on the previous lecture.