Department of Economics


Why economics?

From drawing parallels to politics to explaining environmental problems and solutions, economics is everywhere, intertwined in almost all aspects of the world.

Thanks to Whittier, I’m confident I can enter that world prepared for whatever career I pursue. Being an Economics major at Whittier College definitely has provided me with a solid skill set, from analyzing data to manipulating calculus equations to creating my own research project. The department exposes you to every aspect of academia imaginable.

Along the way, you’ll have professors whose doors are always open, whether you want advice about your future or want to know how well their dog is doing in her agility league. The professors aren’t here to just teach classes and conduct research. They’re here to learn from their students and to encourage them to figure out what their own research interests are. The department pushed me to take my first steps in the real world and, as a result, I earned an incredible internship opportunity with Goldman Sachs.

The experiences I’ve had are what make me feel confident that I can handle whatever is thrown at me, academically or professionally. The Economics Department has shown me that Whittier College is a place where students can figure out their talents and grow, taking what is taught in the classroom and applying it to the real world.

- DaEun Lee
Economics major