Hands-On Learning in Anthropology


Anthropology education goes beyond the confines of the Whittier College campus.

Here, we know that the concepts learned in anthropology courses need to be practically applied both for career training as well as civic involvement. Getting out into the community is crucial for intellectual and character growth, and at Whittier, students enjoy opportunities to do just that.

Anthropology major Esther Hills at a high point in Brazil, with mountains and a city behind her.Study Abroad

Esther Hills never thought she would see a wonder of the world when she set off for college. But standing at the feet of the towering Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, she had made an amazing memory she won’t soon forget.

The trip also deepened her understanding of anthropology and contributed to her individual growth.

Esther knows that to be an effective anthropologist, it helps to go out into the world, meet new people, see new places, and get hands-on learning experiences. She certainly did that as she studied abroad in three countries—Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic—to better understand African cultures. While traveling alongside professors she admired and respected, she gained a more in-depth knowledge of what they were teaching her, especially when it came to fieldwork.

“My time abroad certainly continues to help me,” Esther said. “It's made me a more understanding and well rounded person. It also helps on resumes, of course, because it shows you are willing to try new things and go new places.”

Plan Your Study Abroad

Whittier College increases access for students to study abroad with the Global Poet Scholarship, which awards $2,000 to every student who studies abroad through the College's Office of International Programs.

The College also offers short-term trips during MayTerm, an optional short term during the month of May.

Real-World Anthropology Experience

For internship opportunities to apply your anthropology skills beyond the classroom, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development.