Turner Hall

Situated on Fire Hill above Harris Amphitheater, Whittier's newest residence hall boasts a spectacular panoramic view of the Los Angeles basin. Near the Graham Athletic Center, Turner Hall houses about 180 upperclassmen. The lounge features a fireplace and cable television. The ground floor has a kitchen. The facility offers residents five enclosed study rooms and a 24-hour computer lab. A professional staff member lives in Turner Hall on the first floor.


Dedicated in 1993, Turner Hall is named for Wallace Turner '27, a former trustee and one of Whittier College's major benefactors.

Resident Advisors

Arjun BediName: Arjun Bedi '17
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA
Activities: Acapella, Volleyball, Soccer
After college I want to: Be a lawyer
My best Whittier College experience: Becoming close with the RA staff this year
My favorite thing in the world: My dog Carmen
A quirky fact about me: I live for afternoon tea

Krista BrockmanName: Krista Brockman '17
Major: Anthropology/Sociology
Hometown: Aptos, CA
School Activities: Phonathon representative for the Development office.
Hobbies: Basketball, Snowboarding, Spending time with friends.
After college I want to: be an attorney
My best Whittier College experience: There are too many to count! New adventures with new people happen all the time.
A quirky fact about me: I love soft and fuzzy things so my bed is covered in soft fuzzy pillows.

Colin GreenupName: Colin Greenup '18
Major: Biology
Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
School Activities: League of Legends Club
Hobbies: Playing games of all sorts, tossing a frisbee, sleeping
After college I want to: be a cancer researcher
My best Whittier College experience: Going camping in San Diego with my friends
My favorite thing in the world is: Making terrible puns.
A quirky fact about me: My favorite animal is a platypus.

Katelynn KirbyName: Katelynn Kirby ‘16
Major / Minor: Biology / Business
Hometown: Monrovia, CA
Activities: Students for Community Medicine, Pennette, Note Taker
Hobbies: Running, pottery, and painting
After college I want to: Work for a biotech company doing regulation and validation.
My favorite thing in the world is: Cheese


Sara MolinaName: Sara Molina '16
Major: Kinesiology (Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis)
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Activities: Program Board, Thalian Society & We Care Club
Hobbies: Crafting and baking
After college I want to: be a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist
My best Whittier College experience: The friendships and fun memories I have made in organizations such as Program Board and the Thalian Society
My favorite thing in the world is: singing and dancing like no one is watching
A quirky fact about me: I absolutely love cotton candy!

Andrew ZubiateName: Andrew Zubiate '17
Major: Social work
Hometown: Covina, CA
Activities: Theater, Choir (College choir, Chamber Singers, Voce), William Penn Society
Hobbies: Singing, acting, playing music, baseball, fishing, adventuring
After college I want to: Work either with Child Protective Services or in entertainment
My best Whittier College experience: Going to Hawaii with my choir 
My favorite thing in the world is: My family
A quirky fact about me: I can do a round off cartwheel and a front hand spring