Become a Resident Advisor

Students outside dorm building

Being a Resident Advisor (RA) is one of the most rewarding and rare opportunities a student can have during his or her undergraduate years. Responsibilities are numerous. The RA is the focal point for the day-to-day operation of his or her floor, and as such, must simultaneously serve as peer counselor, referral agent, friend, social chairperson, community builder, disciplinarian, and programmer.

The position of RA is an opportunity to maximize self-development, maturity, and confidence during the college years. Beyond this, the breadth of skills learned as an RA are highly transferable to the professional work world.

Minimum Prerequisites for RA Applications

  • Pass the "Leadership and College Student Development" course (INTD 150) with a grade of "B" or higher
  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average

Remuneration and Rewards

As compensation, RAs receive a single room and a 15-meal FLEX plan valued at approximately $12,000.

Application Timeline

Interested students must enroll in INTD 150, Leadership and College Student Development during spring semester registration (typically in November). RA applications will become available online in February and are due approximately three weeks later. Group and individual candidate interviews take place in March with notification letters following shortly thereafter. 

Calendar for RA Applications for Academic Year 2016-2017

January 29, 2016: RA applications available online. Direct references to the Online Reference Form.
February 2 - February 21, 2016: RA Interview Sign-ups available in Residential Life Office
February 21, 2016: Applications due
February 25, 2016: RA group process, 6 p.m. in Club 88
February 29 - March 4, 2016: RA interviews. Schedule an interview time in the Office of Residential Life.
March 11, 2016: Decision letters emailed out to candidates

For more information on the duties of the resident advisor, or if you have questions about the application timeline, please contact the Office of Residential Life.