Harris Hall

Harris Hall has a panoramic view of Los Angeles and hosts special interest co-educational housing. Harris features self-designed theme houses — athletics, societies, social issue groups, and more. All students are open and encouraged to apply to create a theme house for Harris residence. Harris houses approximately 150 students. Each unit is air conditioned and carpeted. And, each unit has a kitchen upstairs and downstairs with a dishwasher on the first floor; the lounges have fireplaces and cable television. The Harris Hall complex is located near the Athletics Center.


Consisting of four buildings, Harris Hall was completed in 1989. It was funded by a gift from college trustee William V. Harris Jr '55 and his wife, Harriet, and Harris Brothers, Ltd.

Resident Advisors

Hunter AlexanderName: Hunter Alexander
Major: Physics and French/ Mathematics and Political Science 
Hometown: Denver, CO
School Activities: Physics Club President
Math Club Member
Hobbies: Climbing, Traveling, Spending time with my girlfriend, watching movies
After college I want to: Be happy and successful
My best Whittier College experience: Getting to know my professors
My favorite thing in the world: My girlfriend
A quirky fact about me: I love Lord of the Rings

Tianna JeffersonName: Tianna Jefferson
Major: Business
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
School Activities: Thalian Society
Hobbies: Netflix, Shopping, Napping, Painting
After college I want to: go to law school
My best Whittier College experience has been: studying abroad in Greece and Rome during JanTerm
My favorite thing in the world: my baby pillow
A quirky fact about me: I hate it when people spell my name wrong.

Noelle LeczelName: Noelle Leczel
Major: WSP: Urban Community Studies Minor: Leadership and Organization
Hometown: Glendora/Pomona, CA
School Activities: Lion's International Club
Hobbies: Working out and hanging out with friends.
After college I want to: Join the Peace Corps (live in a different country for 27 months), come back, go to graduate school.
My best Whittier College experience has been: becoming an RA and being a part of the Res Life community; taking the Janterm class Workshop in Urban Studies in 2015 and having that class change my whole perspective on what I want to do with my life; meeting my best friends through the community that was built on my floor. 
My favorite thing in the world: Deep conversations/having a deep connecting moment (or series of moments) with someone.
A quirky fact about me: My favorite attraction at Disneyland is the Tarzan Treehouse for some odd reason. It may be nostalgic, like many other favorite rides there, but it is my most favorite thing there!

Alexandria ValenzuelaName: Alexandria Valenzuela
Major: WSP
Hometown: Monterey Park, CA 
School Activities: Quaker Campus, VPS
Hobbies: playing piano, listening to music, drawing, doing makeup
After college I want to: write for an online publication such as Buzzfeed or Refinery 29
My best Whittier College experience has been: bonding with fellow RAs.
My favorite thing in the world: my family
A quirky fact about me: I like to  make funny videos on Snapchat