Whittier College Library Receives Rare Quaker Book Collection

Wardman LIbraryWhittier College has recently incorporated a first-rate collection of rare Quaker books into its Special Collections at the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library. The donation, which comes from Los Angeles-based collectors Douglas and Curtis Dombek, comprises more than 200 rare books related to the foundation and development of the Society of Friends. The majority of these rare and pristine Quaker books were published in the 1700s and 1800s, though several are from the 1600s.

“The Dombek collection represents a generous gift form two important, local collectors,” said Library Director Laurel M. Crump. “It is an exciting addition to Wardman Library’s Special Collections that will improve the quality and depth of our existing Quaker holdings, further the College’s mission and enhance its reputation, and potentially benefit our community and the greater scholarly community.”

Previous to this addition, the Wardman Library’s Quaker Collection contained more than 5,000 titles; most of these volumes were published post-1825. By contrast, the books in the Dombek gift include many of the constitutive, seminal texts from Quakerism’s early days, and will enhance the library’s holding by providing a solid foundation to its existing collection.

“Upon arranging and describing these rare books, we hope to gain the attention of scholarly researchers interested in the history of Quakerism, engage our own student researchers here at Whittier, and use these historic artifacts for in-class instructions about book history,” added Crump.

Douglas and Curtis Dombek are well-known in the antiquarian book collecting community in Southern California and beyond, not only as consummate and exacting collectors of fine, rare books but also as generous philanthropists and supporters of book culture. The Dombeks regularly donate rare books to Southern California institutions and most recently they lent UCLA a first edition of the King James Bible for an exhibition at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.

Bonnie Bell Wardman Library

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