Tony Barnstone Contributes to Holocaust Anthology

May 17, 2023

Professor of English Tony Barnstone’s work is featured in a new multimedia anthology, New Voices: Contemporary Writers Confronting the Holocaust, which released this spring by Vallentine Mitchell publishing.

In an interview with Kendall Johnson, published in MacQueen’s Quinterly journal, he describes the book as “an ambitious multimedia project that presents authors with documentary materials from the Holocaust and asks them to convert those materials into art in such a way as to bring the reality of the Holocaust to life for a new generation of readers and viewers.”

Editor Matthew Silverman and Howard Debs curated 58 images from noted collections of vintage photography, propaganda posters, and the like and matched each to a poem, short story, or flash fiction. The book comprises four parts that cover a wide historical trajectory from the rise of Nazisim to the Nuremberg Trials.
Tony Barnstone is a prolific poet, author, essayist, and literary translator. His award-winning book Tongue of War: From Pearl Harbor To Nagasaki, explores the WWII era. Barnstone also collaborated with the musical duo Genuine Brandish to create a CD, Tokyo’s Burning: WWII Songs, of original music based on his poetry.