Students and Faculty Shine at Psychological Convention

May 4, 2022

Whittier College faculty and students participated in the 102nd Annual Western Psychological Association Convention in Portland, Oregon held in late April. 

Professor of Developmental Psychology Lori Camparo and Jeanie Cox ’22 presented a poster entitled, “'Covid is real… messed me up when I got it:' College Students’ Stress, Burnout, and Feelings about COVID-19.” 
Whittier College students and professors at psychology conventionProfessor of Psychology Ayesha Shaikh chaired a symposium entitled, “When Life Gives You Lemons: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Teaching During a Pandemic.” 
The goal of the symposium was to present ideas for engaged teaching that were discovered and refined over the course of the pandemic. During their presentation, Professor Camparo and Cox addressed different approaches to engaging undergraduates in Zoom classes. Shaikh and Carolyne Sparks ’22 offered tips for hybrid and face-to-face learning from a trauma-informed perspective. 

In addition, Professor of Social Psychology Chuck Hill coauthored a poster with high school student Hubert Tran that was presented on the last day of the conference entitled, “Political Party Affiliation as a Function of Immigrant Generation and Racial-Ethnic Identity.” 
Whittier students had the opportunity to meet well-known psychology professor Philip Zimbardo–best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment–and hear him give his last lecture in his 50-year career. The Whittier group also attended a Psi Chi Chapter Exchange.