Whittier alumni congregate at Poet4Life Tour meetups

June 21, 2024

Whittier College alumni gather in New York City for a stop on the Poet4Life Tour on June 10, 2024. |  Ana Gutierrez/Whittier CollegeThe annual Poet4Life Tour brings together College alumni from across the country.

Already underway, this summer’s tour is uniting Poets — no matter if they’re a recent graduate or not. Office of Alumni Relations Director Ana Gutierrez ’96 has been thrilled to see younger alumni bond over their shared Whittier experiences and start to organize on their own throughout the year.

“We're really focusing on identifying folks to help continue the regional planning and the regional connections,” Gutierrez said. “They’re genuinely interested in connecting with other Poets.”

President Kristine E. Dillon ’73 hosted the first Poet4Life Tour at her home in Tucson, Arizona on May 22, 2024.  |  Ana Gutierrez/Whittier CollegeDuring the stops, President Kristine E. Dillon ’73 is sharing her vision for the college and discussing top priorities such as the Whittier Now! initiative. The tour kicked off at her home in Tucson, Arizona, and a personal highlight was reconnecting with her senior-year roommate, Lucy Weeks ’74.

While there are still regional hosts on this year’s tour, this is the first time one alumnus has sponsored the whole series. Steve Weston ’83, founder of global strategic and operational consulting company ApexCX, generously backed the program. 

A previous trustee and alumni board chair, Weston is no stranger to Poet events and was excited to see the tradition continuing. He’s hosted fellow alumni at his house, restaurants, a vineyard, and a baseball game in Washington, D.C., over the years.

“When I heard the tours were going to start up again, I wanted to support it wherever I could to ensure its success,” Weston said. “When I was approached to sponsor the entire summer tour, I jumped on it.”

Weston participated in the tour stop at Alexandria, Virginia, and will attend the one in Honolulu, Hawaii, too.Whittier College alumni gather in Alexanderia, Virginia, for a stop on the Poet4Life Tour on June 7, 2024. |  Ana Gutierrez/Whittier College

“It was great to reconnect with other alumni I hadn’t seen in several years,” Weston said.

Other tour stops include Coronado, Orange County, Whittier, and Seattle. To learn more about how to get involved with alumni events, visit the alumni relations page, email alumni@whittier.edu or call 562-907-4275.

Poets are encouraged to show their school spirit again for Homecoming weekend on Oct. 25-27.

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