Joe Donnelly Releases New Book on So Cal

April 15, 2022

book cover: Dispatches from the End of the World. Joe DonnellyVisiting Assistant Professor Joe Donnelly’s second collection of nonfiction, So Cal: Dispatches from the End of the World, was released recently by Punk Hostage Press.  

In his foreword, writer Jamie Brisick writes, “The bulk of it is set in the lower third of the Golden State, and even when they're not they ooze a certain SoCal leaning. Reading through the pieces that follow, I was floored by his ability to breathe freshness into every scene and description.”

Pieces in the book include: “The Loneliest Road,” “Magic and Loss,” “Future Man,” “Father Pop,” “GoldsteinLand,” “Messiah Wolf,” “The Tortoise and the Tank”, characters include, Shaun Tomson, Danny Kwock, Jim Evans, Mike Salisbury, Tommy Caldwell, Luke Perry, Craig Stecyk, Puff the insurgent + wolf OR-7, crawfish Iko, German Shepherd Max, writers, and much more.

Donnelly is an award-winning journalist, writer, and editor. He currently teaches English and journalism at Whittier College and is the editor of Red Canary Magazine.