Professor Awarded $106,000 Grant from the National Endowment For the Humanities


November 12, 2014

NEH logoWhittier College Professor of Spanish Gustavo Geirola has been selected to receive a $106,808 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to support the Summer Seminar: Latin American Theater Today Buenos Aires 2015.  The grant will fund the four-week seminar directed by Geirola for 16 college and university teachers to get immersed in contemporary Latin American Theater as stage production and literature. The seminar is eligible for full time and adjunct professors who teach Latin American Theater as well as graduate students with an emphasis in Modern Languages and Theater.

Each year, NEH offers tuition-free opportunities for school, college, and university educators to study a variety of humanities topics. The Summer Seminar led by Geirola and co directed by Pasadena City College Emeritus Professor Lola Proaño is one of these opportunities and it will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina next summer. Geirola is an Argentinean with ample knowledge of the Argentinean theater world and Proaño has studied Argentinean Theater since 1990 and is currently living in Buenos Aires.

Through the NEH Summer Seminar, Geirola and Proaño aim to explore in detail Latin American theater from the 1990s to the present.  Many changes have occurred when current Latin American theater is compared to the previous decades and the seminar will focus on these changes and debate the new trends which are emerging after some years of democratization in the region.

“We invite scholars to join us in Buenos Aires and participate in our Seminar; it will be a great intellectual, cultural and linguistic experience for all of them and for us,” said Geirola. 

Interested scholars must apply for this program by March 2, 2015 and the seminar will take place June 15 - July 10, 2015. A stipend is available for candidates who are admitted into the seminar. For more information, contact Gustavo Geirola at, call (562) 907-4200 ext. 4314