Academic Coaching


Student and academic coach

Academic Coaching is for any student who wishes to improve their academic skills regardless of their academic standing.

By partnering students with a peer Academic Coach, students develop an individualized academic plan that will maximize their success. Each plan will:

  • Examine individual learning style preferences and academic strengths. 
  • Develop effective time management & organization skills to reduce procrastination.
  • Teach effective study and test preparation skills.
  • Improve confidence and communication skills to engage with professors and maximize office hours. 

Students participating in the Academic Coaching Program meet with their Academic Coach weekly for up to 30 minutes. The Academic Coaching Program is certified by College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) and the Academic Coaches are trained in accordance to certification requirements.

Student Testimonials

“My academic coach was very easy to talk to and helped gain better organization and time management skills.”

“My academic coach is awesome. She is extremely patient and kind. We're able to talk about mental and physical health as well as school work. She has been a true mentor to me.”

“My academic coach motivated me to try hard and constantly would remind me that I would succeed this semester even if I had negative thoughts. She would show my goal GPA for this semester which also was helpful for me to stay focused.”