Student Athlete Academic Support Services


The Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) provides academic services and a supportive environment for all student-athletes on campus.

Our aim is to assist student athletes in reaching their full potential by balancing the demands of academics and athletics. CAAS works closely with coaches, faculty, and other campus offices to support and assist student athletes in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Programs for Student Athletes

Student Athlete Peer Mentor Program

Student athletes are empowered to improve their academic achievement by developing skills to become confident, effective, and independent learners by meeting with peer mentors on a weekly basis. 

Study Hall

In addition to serving as a study space for student athletes that includes computers and printers, CAAS provides direct academic support services such as Tutoring and Student Athlete Peer Mentoring.

Student Testimonials

"My student athlete Peer Mentor was really good at helping me plan my week in advance and helping me strategize everything. He was very communicative and always there for me."

"My student athlete Peer Mentor is a big part of why I'm continuing my education and doing so at a high level; heavily motivating me and challenging me to be a better worker".

"My student athlete Peer Mentor helped me become a better person. I will carry these tools for the rest of my life."