Anna Bowen


Anna BowenAssistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Science & Learning Center 308

Academic History

B.A. Albion College in Biology
M.S. Miami University in Botany
Ph.D., Miami University in Ecology, Evolution, & Environmental Science



Professor Anna Bowen began teaching here at Whittier College in the fall of 2020, following the completion of her Ph.D. at Miami University. Her dissertation research focused on an invasive grass species that is rapidly expanding its range in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. She used a combination of experimental, observational, and modeling techniques to gain a better understanding of how this species (wavyleaf basketgrass) is invaded across the landscape, how it can be best managed, and what effects it has on the native flora of the region. Since coming to Whittier College, she has begun a field research project on the potential for goat grazing to reduce invasive species cover while also reducing fuel loads in a degraded upland community here in Whittier. In addition to landscape ecology, she is also broadly interested in landscape ecology and conservation biology.

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