Withdrawals, Leave of Absence and Refund Policy

A withdrawal is generally requested when a student does not plan to return to Whittier College or plans to transfer to another school. A leave of absence is granted to a student who plans to return to Whittier within one academic year. Students who plan to do either must apply through the Dean of Student's Office.

View Office Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Policies on the Academic Requirements, Policies and Procedures page. You can download the Withdrawal / Leave of Absence Form from the Registrar's Student Resources webpage here.

Tuition Cancellation Policy as it pertains to the Withdrawal or Leave of Absence process.

Get more information regarding a voluntary insurance program offered by A. W. G. Dewar, Inc., of Quincy, Massachusetts. The program is called the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) and significantly extends and enhances the College’s refund policy as published in the College Catalog “Cancellation of Institutional Charges” section. The Plan protects your education investment by reimbursing 75% of tuition, fees, and room and board charges should the student withdraw from Whittier College due to a serious illness or accident. Read this Introductory Letter.