Policies & Procedures

Campus Law Enforcement

All records compiled and maintained by Campus Safety shall be considered law enforcement records and are governed by the California Government Code and United States Code. For more information, contact the director of Campus Safety, 562.907.4211.

Reporting Procedures

If you observe a crime or suspicious incident, or if you see a security problem, notify the Department of Campus Safety immediately at ext. 4911. For police, fire, or medical emergencies call 911.

The Department of Campus Safety is responsible for reporting and follow-up investigation when an incident is reported. All College students, employees and visitors should exercise responsibility for their own safety while on campus. Any on campus crime witnessed by a University student of employee must be reported to the Department of Campus Safety.

Citizen Complaint Procedure

The Whittier College Department of Campus Safety realizes it must be responsive to input from the citizens and students in the community. And while the majority of the department's interaction with the community is positive—involving general public assistance, provision of information, or in some cases, life-saving action by a Campus Safety officer—we do recognize that there may be times when an officer's action may be called into question. In these cases, we strongly encourage individuals to report what they believe to be acts of officer misconduct. The complaint must be made in good faith, and the department pledges to respond swiftly, thoroughly, and fairly to bonafide reports of alleged misconduct.

Your complaint can be made in person, over the phone, or by mail. (To file a complaint by mail, please print and fill out completely the Citizen Complaint Form and either return it to Campus Safety or mail it to Whittier College Department of Campus Safety, P.O. Box 634, Whittier, CA 906908.)

Unlocked Doors

Exterior doors to the campus residence halls are locked and secured on a 24-hour basis. If a student is locked out his or her residence hall room, the student should check with the R.A. of his or her floor prior to contacting Campus Safety personnel to perform the door unlock. A picture ID is required.

All residence are provided with copies of the community, regulations and policies associated with living in the residence halls. These policies are available from either Residence Life or the Campus Safety Office.