Media Services

Students are busy at their computers inside Wardman Library.The mission of Media and Academic Technology Services is to provide multimedia technology for creative instructional support for the faculty and students of Whittier College which includes:

  • To provide, maintain, and develop a collection of media materials to support academic curriculum.
  • To creatively meet the technological needs of instructors and assist them in presenting modern types of learning materials to their students using innovative forms of media.
  • To facilitate the instruction of difficult concepts through the use of visual and audio images and simulation, thereby increasing the efficiency of learning.
  • To provide, maintain, and acquire, as technology reasonably dictates, audiovisual equipment as instructional support for the college campus. Please send your requests to borrow laptop computers, LCD projectors, screens, speakers, overhead projectors, VHS/DVD players or other audio/visual materials at least 3 days in advance, not including weekends.
  • To provide service for the production of instructional materials and duplication of media material in compliance with licensing agreements and current copyright regulations.

Production services available to faculty include and are qualified as follows:

  • Duplication of video tapes which can be legally copied according to written licensing agreements or copyright permission and which are related to the student's current academic study.
  • Most media materials in the collection are available to students for in library viewing use ONLY to ensure access and availability to faculty and staff.

The Media Collection encourages the use of media for research, intellectual growth, professional development and personal enjoyment. Funds for purchasing media such as DVDs is limited and we attempt to accommodate requests for documentary, educational, performances, performance art, classic and popular feature films. Feature films are purchased upon the request of an instructor to support classroom instruction, for research and leisure viewing.


Media Services
Bonnie Bell Wardman Library
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Sonia Chaidez
Instructional Media Designer​
Wardman Library

Shezad Bruce
Media Coordinator 
Wardman Library

Chris Greenwood 
Technical Coordinator
562.907.4200 ext. 4991