Future in Film: New Fulbright Fellow Heads to Argentina

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fascinated with Argentine history and culture, Veronica Moreno '12 will be headed south in spring 2013 to participate in  the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship program, which involves spending at least 20 hours a week helping teach English language at an assigned foreign school.

Moreno, who was the executive producer of the Video Production Studio at Whittier, also plans to work with a group of students to produce a 15-30 minute short film. 

"I will be guiding them through the entire process, from the pre-production stages all the way to the screening of their short," said Moreno, who will also be using the project as a way to improve participants’ English skills, namely by having them read and analyze scripts as well as teaching them about creative writing through screenwriting.

“And, since technology is developing so rapidly now, I also think it will be important to provide training for and access to more [advanced instruments and techniques], so they are able to communicate [through a visual medium] the issues that are so important to them,” she added.

Using film as way to bridge cultural connections has been a successful strategy for Moreno in the past. While studying abroad in France during her junior year, she used film as a way to gage and understand both the language and the customs of the country. She credits that trip, which she describes as “an eye-opening experience,” for helping her discover her true passion for film and make the decision to pursue a career in that field.

Moreno notes that her choice to study in Argentina for her Fulbright program was sparked by a wave of young directors becoming more prominent of the film industry, and who are tackling issues related to the country's controversial political history.

“I love Argentine film, so I look forward to being exposed to more of it and the overall culture,” she said.

With the ultimate goal of obtaining a Ph.D., Moreno plans to continue her studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She will enroll in fall of 2014 and begin work towards a master’s degree in film studies. 

- from The Rock, Winter 2013