Academic Coaching

Student and Academic CoachPeer Academic Coach Program

Students wishing to improve their study skills may benefit from working on a one-on-one with a peer academic coach. Through weekly one-hour meetings, peer coaches help students create their own action plan by identifying deadlines and priorities for the week. Peer academic coaches are available to help students address challenges in the following areas:

Time Management: Students are assisted in establishing and maintaining a daily schedule

Organization: Students learn how to break down large assignments and tasks into manageable steps

Procrastination: Students are assisted in establishing and staying on task with deadlines

Study Skills: Coaches connect students to enhanced study skills tips and tricks in note taking, test preparation strategies, active reading, and reducing text anxiety

Student Testimonials

"The academic coach I met with was extremely easy to talk to which made it easy to accept help."

"My academic coach was really patient and helped with my concerns and was good about giving me good and positive advice."

"My main issue was reading and by the time I started academic coaching my reading had changed. I also had time management issues due to a hectic schedule. I learned how to create a better schedule with the help of my academic coach."