Notable Whittier College Alumni

BUSINESS & INDUSTRYPeter Harris, former FAO Schwarz CEO

F. Lynn Blystone '57, Chairman, President and CEO of Tri-Valley Corporation (AMEX ticker: TIV)


Tien Zee '61, Founder & Chairman, Intex Industries


Elden Smith '62, President and CEO, Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.


Peter L. Harris '65, past CEO for the San Francisco 49ers, FAO Schwarz


Fred Anderson '66, Co-founder and managing director, Elevation Partners; former Executive Vice President and CFO for Apple, Inc.


Richard Gilchrist '68, President, Investment Properties Group, the Irvine Company


Joyce Brunelle '69, Chairman, Suntricity, Inc.


Richard Foos '71, Co-founder of Rhino Records, founder of Shout! Factory


Fred Wang '72, Director & Vice-Chairman of the Board, CDC Corporation


Michael Teel '74, President & CEO of Raley's/ Bel Air/ Nob Hill Foods (Supermarket chain)


Paul Bateman '79, President, Klein & Saks Group


Edwin Keh '79, CEO, Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel; former Senior Vice President, Global Procurement, Walmart


Matt Espe MBA '84, President, Armstrong World Industries


Mimi Kam '85, General Manager, Head of Human Resources & Corporate Communications Division, The Bank of East Asia, Ltd. (BEA)


Edward O. Petersen '93, Co-founder and executive vice president for sales and marketing, Intelius


Shakir Husain '98, Founder and CEO for Creative Chaos (Pvt), Ltd. (Pakistan)