James Camparo

James CamparoAdjunct Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Curriculum Vitae

Academic History 

1980: Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Columbia University 
1977: B.A., Physics, Columbia University

Academic Interests 

  • Atomic radiative interactions 
  • Atomic clocks 
  • Psychometrics 

Professor James Camparo joined The Aerospace Corporation’s Atomic Physics section in January 1981 immediately after obtaining his doctorate in chemical physics from Columbia University. He is currently a Distinguished Scientist in The Aerospace Corporation’s Physical Sciences Laboratories, where his interests include research and development of the laser-pumped atomic clock, the study of atomic timekeeping onboard spacecraft, and experiments investigating what has come to be known as the stochastic-field/atom interaction problem.  Since 2005, Camparo has been an adjunct professor of physics at Whittier College, and has mentored a number of Whittier College graduates in his atomic clocks laboratory. In addition to his atomic physics research, Camparo often collaborates with his wife, Prof. Lorinda Camparo of the Whittier Psychology department, in psychometrics research.