Masters in Education

Whittier College offers a Master of Arts in Education (M.A.). Candidates must complete 30 units beyond the Bachelor of Arts (excluding student teaching). All 30 units must be part of an approved Educational Design for the Master of Arts in Education. During the last two semesters of study, students take EDUC 600: Educational Inquiry (3 credits), and EDUC 601: Educational Inquiry Practicum (2 credits) as their capstone courses.

Qualified students may work simultaneously on the M.A. degree and a credential. Graduate students have the opportunity to study at The Broadoaks Children’s School, Whittier’s nationally known campus demonstration school. Graduate courses are offered in the evening during the fall and spring semesters, and also during the summer sessions.

There are three types of M.A. programs:

Credential plus M.A. Most of the coursework which satisfies credential program mandates also counts as credits toward an M.A. degree. Many of our graduate credential candidates enroll in the final culminating research class: EDUC 601: Induction into Educational Inquiry to earn an M.A.

Induction program plus M.A. A second strand of the M.A. program is geared to teachers who have recently completed district Induction programs. These teachers may receive credit for the work they have done (up to 12 credits) in Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) programs at a significantly reduced cost per credit. The remaining 18 credits include the four credit culminating research class and 14 credits of electives.

M.A. only. The final version is geared to previously credentialed teachers who choose to plan a 30 credit program that meets their individual needs.

Degree Requirements

Candidates attain the Master of Arts in Education Degree upon successful completion of the Educational Design described below. The Department of Education and Child Development, the student’s graduate advisor, and other faculty members representing the area of specialization must approve the Educational Design prior to enrolling in EDUC 600: Induction into Educational Inquiry.

The Educational Design consists of the following:

  1. Minimum of total 30 units.
  2. Completion of the two-part Educational Inquiry series (both EDUC 605 and 606).
  3. A maximum of 9 units may be transferred from other institutions All requirements for the M.A. must be completed with a 3.0 minimum GPA; no course work below a “B-“grade will be applied toward the degree. Students must complete the M.A. within five years of admission to Master’s Degree Candidacy. A maximum two-year extension may be sought through petition. Courses completed prior to admission to the program may be accepted at the discretion of the Department of Education and Child Development. Guidelines and stipulations regarding admission to the program are available in the Department offices. Variation or amendment of the guidelines can only be obtained by petitioning the Department of Education and Child Development.